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This page contains a list of questions that are frequently asked in regard to completing your training on this site. It may be helpful to review this page before you begin your training or if you encounter an issue while you are in the process of doing so.

When you first create your account on this site, you must take the "Using the Training Site" course to help familiarize yourself with this website and how to complete all of the courses. After you complete this course, the remainder of the courses on this site will be available for you to take.

The trainings that are required for each type of user can be found on the New User Training Guide page. You should also check with your Agency Administrator or System Administrator before you begin to make sure that you are completing all of the required courses, as the requirements may vary depending on which agency or community you are working in.

Each time you pass the quiz within a course, the course will not fully register itself as complete for you unless you click the green "Next" button one more time. You can know if you are able to access the certificate once you see the below screen.

The recertification courses (numbers 701 to 707) will only show up if you have completed the initial course for each of those trainings. If one of the recertification courses is not showing up for you, instead you may complete the initial course. The below list shows all of the initial courses that are part of the recertification requirements.

  • 002: Basic Privacy and Security
  • 101: Informed Consent Using the Release of Information
  • 105: Securing Client Records
  • 106: Creating Unnamed Records
  • 401: Advanced Privacy and Data Sharing (for System Administrators and Agency Administrators only)
  • 402/403: Establishing Visibility (for System Administrators and Agency Administrators only)

When you complete the same course on more than one occasion, the certificate will unfortunately not update to show the most recent completion date. To work around this, you should take the courses in the "Recertification" category (beginning with number 701) when you complete your annual recertification. This will generate a new certificate for you for each of the courses that displays the correct date. If you have not done this and instead have retaken the initial courses in the other categories, you may follow the instructions outlined in this document to accurately capture the date.

This issue is most common for users from North Carolina who try to enroll in course number 003, "Release of Information (ROI)." This course is currently restricted to Michigan users only, so North Carolina users are able to skip this course and proceed to the next one.

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